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 Why should you receive therapeutic massage?


We all know that stress and everyday wear and tear is hard on our bodies.  Just getting up for work every day takes a toll on us, as well as the different lifestyles we lead. The benefits of therapeutic massage therapy can help you live a better and healthier lifestyle.  

In my professional home-based studio, you will find peace and relaxation in a comfortable and private consultation room. In every session I integrate my favorite aspects of each modality I have acquired to create a well balanced massage for each one of my clients. Come in and enjoy a perfectly heated table, aromatherapy, hot packs, and soothing lotions.

Contact me today to book an appointment and start feeling better now! 

Benefits of Massage

- Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression

-  Lowers pain by releasing endorphins

-  Helps migraines

-  Increases blood circulation and lymph flow

-  Ease medication dependence

-  Enhances the condition of the skin

-  Reduces spasms and cramping

-  Improves flexibility

-  Increases range of motion and joint flexibility

-  Promotes tissue regeneration, reducing stretch marks and scar tissue